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Welcome to the Official Site of the 
First Internet Clown School!

Learn the skills needed to earn an income having fun
with children and adults in the entertainment business of clowning.

"Thank you so much I feel your course is very knowledgeable while

being easy to understand.

I would highly recommend it to anyone.  I am having a lot of fun here at your online school"

Barry "Rodeo the Clown"  Southgate, MI


"Thanks so much!... I went to work with bags under my eyes, as I kept going through all the Clown Skills chapter and thoroughly enjoyed myself to the max!"

Catherine "Pookie the Clown"  Hutchinson, MN


I am learning a lot, the course covers an immense amount of material.

it covers things I never thought about.

Paulette "Sassafass"  Kittanning, PA



"I am currently working on the second unit -"The Clown Look"- and I love it so far.  You really did a comprehensive job on this.  With photo's and charts, I am very glad to have entered your program.  Keep up the good work!"

Dan "Reb Clownsky" Oceanside, NY


You are about to begin a unique journey into the art of clowning.
For eons, the art of clowning has been passed from generation
 to generation. With the world of the Internet- you can learn
 the ageless art of clowning from the comforts of your home,
office or class any time of the day or night by taking the only
clown school on the internet...
Academy Of Performing Arts In Clowning

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